Faith and Web

For you who happen across this obscure page, chances are you’re coming from my old domain I set a redirect from it to this page when I took the site down in April 2017.

What Faith and Web Was

It began ten years ago (in April 2007) to scratch an itch of mine. From the first post:

The focus is on building excellent websites for churches and other faith-based organizations. I learned that web work could be a calling in church … and have been helping with that very same church’s website for almost 12 years. In web years, I guess that makes me an octogenarian…. For the most part I love it. And people seem to like the site, which actually surprises me, because I’m so aware of how much better it could be.

Back then I wanted to help church leaders understand how to create better websites. At the time, my estimate was that 95% of churches had truly terrible sites. Church marketing may still “suck”, but over the last decade, in the aggregate their websites have improved adequately. They may be ho-hum, they may be unresponsive, they may even be ugly, but they are better at the basics — things such as including contact information that actually works.

Screenshot of Faith and Web site

What Will Faith and Web Become?

It’s such a juicy pairing of words. For me it evokes things like the awakening Web. But at the moment I don’t have the time to do justice to such ideas. So for now I’ll keep the domain name and see if the day comes where I do have time to dive into yet another topic that brings me great joy.