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Naming the beast and experimenting with ways to attenuate it

Computer-Free Mondays

Developer Workaholism Experiment #1 My first foray into ways to attenuate my web development workaholism has been experimenting with “computer-free Mondays.” It’s my adaptation of the practice of “unplugging” one day per week. Even though I frequently run across enthusiastic articles about “unplugging,” there are a number of reasons that it’s never appealed to me. For … Continue reading Computer-Free Mondays

Taming the Web Development Beast

Recently I had one of those out-of-the-blue shifts — an ah-ha moment.  It happened listening to Jonathan Cutrell interview Jon Yablonski. Jonathan asked: “If you could give 30 seconds of advice to all developers of any background, any level of experience, what would you tell them?”