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How Might Religious Leaders Leverage the Web?

While recording a podcast yesterday (WebBeet no. 2) I surprised everyone, including myself, by flying into a technicolor rant. Religion, politics and the web. It’s heady stuff. Specifically I was venting about the websites for the two candidates currently running for the office of President of the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Association of Congregations: Laurel Hallman … Continue reading How Might Religious Leaders Leverage the Web?

Delving Into Drupal

What a feeling of accomplishment to adapt Drupal to look like another site. That’s the first major Drupal project I’ve done, aside from simply getting Drupal to work in the first place. My enthusiasm for Drupal is, if anything, even greater than it was before. Not only that, there are more and more web developers … Continue reading Delving Into Drupal