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SEO for Christmas?

Yesterday a dear friend wrote: “I wanted to ask if you had a recommendation for a good SEO book. I think SEO is something I could really get into. Plus my family needs Christmas ideas for me.” I am so excited for him. I think he’ll be great at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for many … Continue reading SEO for Christmas?

Nashville Rocks SEO

Thursday evening I went to the local SEO meetup for the first time — and my stars was I impressed. Why? Ross Jones gave an excellent presentation on the whys and hows of link building. The people attending represented an astonishing variety of interests and backgrounds — salvage industry, mommy blogger, web 2.0 marketing for … Continue reading Nashville Rocks SEO

My WordPress SEO Slides

Dear WordCamp Friends, What an awesome day! I just did a quick upload of my slides to SlideShare. Here’s the link for now. (I plan to go back and make it faster, at which point the URL may change.) I hope to see you at the Nashville SEO Meetup soon! Geek on, Anna Belle … Continue reading My WordPress SEO Slides

Top Picks for SEO Resources

Here’s a list of some of my favorite Search Engine Optimization resources for my friends at WordCamp Nashville 2012. I hope you find them helpful. Beginner Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide – Google 32 page easy-to-read beginner roadmap PDF How to Write Magnetic Headlines – Copyblogger Why Content for SEO? Great infographic Google Places Intermediate … Continue reading Top Picks for SEO Resources

Google Search Appliance: Under the Hood Pros and Cons

At the eleventh hour, I joined Vanderbilt’s task force reviewing search engines to use for the university. That was about a month ago, and I’m most grateful to have been included. It’s true I’m an iPhone fan-girl, an RSS evangelist, a Drupal enthusiast, etc., etc., but in the end what matters to me most are … Continue reading Google Search Appliance: Under the Hood Pros and Cons