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To Those Writing Comments

First off, many thanks. Then my apologies for not responding lately. Life has been ridiculously hectic. My dear friend Daisy assures me it’s an ebb and flow kind of thing, and I’m hopeful more time to blog will be flowing my way soon. In addition, I have a sizable and growing backlog of things to … Continue reading To Those Writing Comments

Perfectionism, Begone

I started this blog for a rather peculiar set of reasons. They aren’t worth belaboring, except to mention the sense of adventure it gives me. The reality of blogging seems to me quite different from most people’s preconceptions, including my own. It’s hard to explain, but somehow it makes me feel more alive. It reminds … Continue reading Perfectionism, Begone

Why This Blog?

It sprang full-bodied from my head — kind of like Athena and Zeus, I suppose. Well, not exactly. Chances are Zeus had a dreadful headache afterwards, and I don’t — not to mention having to attend to all the pesky details such as┬ádeveloping a blog look-and-feel. I gather Athena came fully garbed, and Zeus didn’t … Continue reading Why This Blog?