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Rites of Retirement: A Passage

I’m one of the lucky ones. Offered early retirement. Great timing, generous package, no issues around healthcare coverage. It sounds so simple. And in many ways it is. But underneath there’s an astonishing complexity and richness — the tenderness, the grief of partings, the possibility of new adventures, the flashes of understanding as this 40 … Continue reading Rites of Retirement: A Passage


Yesterday was one of those magical days. I knew I would enjoy getting together with fellow WordPress geeks. That’s even though I didn’t like the big attraction — beer — and, as expected, there were very few of us. (Seven, I believe. “Small, but mighty,” to quote Randy.) Nevertheless it vastly exceeded my wildest dreams. … Continue reading Inspired

For Neil

Neil Brake…. When I remember him, it’s with a smile — flashing back to his kind face and gentle presence. The first time I met him was a photo shoot for Vanderbilt Law School. It was around 2000. We were doing a site redesign and badly needed some decent photos. Neil came through with not … Continue reading For Neil

Homage to Poll Volunteers

Sixteen years ago today (on a not-so-Super Tuesday, 1992) the weather here in Nashville was abysmal. It was a cold downpour. As I exited the polling station, to my amazement there was a neighbor standing under a big umbrella, campaigning for Clinton (Bill, that is). I chatted with him for a minute — bowled over … Continue reading Homage to Poll Volunteers