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Creating a New WordPress Theme

I’m in the later stages of creating a new base WordPress theme, but wanted to pause and thank the two people who made it possible — plus test it out in the wild.

I Want To Be an Email Reprobate

One of my few role models recently called himself “an email reprobate.” That’s it! That’s what I want to be too. He’d probably be horrified if he knew this, but then again it’s a virtual certainty that his history with email is a good bit less, um, mucilaginous than mine. (Isn’t “mucilaginous” the greatest word? In case … Continue reading I Want To Be an Email Reprobate

Email Experiment

For the follow up to this blog post, please see I Want To Be an Email Reprobate. Lately I’ve become email-avoidant — again. It’s an old pattern of mine and it’s served me well in the balance. Even so, it can be problematic. But this morning I had an idea of a way I might be able … Continue reading Email Experiment

On Simple Style Guides

I woke up the other morning and realized the jig was up. I absolutely had to do a style guide for this site. While I did create a style tile early on in the redesign process and that was plenty at first, it was increasingly limited, not to mention inconvenient to find. Then I launched … Continue reading On Simple Style Guides