Computer-Free Mondays

Developer Workaholism Experiment #1 My first foray into ways to attenuate my web development workaholism has been experimenting with “computer-free Mondays.” It’s my adaptation of the practice of “unplugging” one day per week. Even though I frequently run across enthusiastic articles about “unplugging,” there are a number of reasons that it’s never appealed to me. For … Continue reading Computer-Free Mondays

Taming the Web Development Beast

Recently I had one of those out-of-the-blue shifts — an ah-ha moment.  It happened listening to Jonathan Cutrell interview Jon Yablonski. Jonathan asked: “If you could give 30 seconds of advice to all developers of any background, any level of experience, what would you tell them?”

A Love Song to Unsplash

I adore mornings. My typical retired day starts with: cuddling the cat as he walks over my chest, sits on my face, etc., etc.; splashing cold water on my face; meditating; making coffee; and then with steaming mug in hand… settling in with my beloved laptop and (of course) the cat. For up to 30 minutes … Continue reading A Love Song to Unsplash

Farewell Facebook

We know the world only through the window of our mind. When our mind is noisy, the world is as well. And when our mind is peaceful, the world is too. Knowing our minds is just as important as trying to change the world. ~Haemin Sunim Today I left Facebook. For those who might wonder why, … Continue reading Farewell Facebook