A Love Song to Unsplash

I adore mornings. My typical retired day starts with:

  • cuddling the cat as he walks over my chest, sits on my face, etc., etc.;
  • splashing cold water on my face;
  • meditating;
  • making coffee; and then with steaming mug in hand…

settling in with my beloved laptop and (of course) the cat. For up to 30 minutes I do whatever I fancy — perhaps journaling or puttering around in my latest Web development project. But here’s the funny thing….

Many mornings I find myself mysteriously drawn into my favorite site for free photos — Unsplash.* I don’t intend to go to Unsplash. It just happens. For reasons I can’t explain, it simply makes me happy. Ergo it’s a wonderful way to start the day. Who could ask for more? Mug of coffee, purring cat in lap, laptop also in lap, and drop-dead gorgeous photos that are free.

In case that’s not enough, for this now-freelance Web developer, the photos add razzle-dazzle to many of my projects. Take my latest WordPress theme, for example. They’re featured as random header images, including:

Cherry blossoms
Photo by Kseniya Petukhova
Steps to beach and ocean
Photo by Carson Smith
Overhead photo of ocean waves coming into the beach
Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography
Sunset over a lake
Photo by Anders Jildén
Lighthouse at dusk
Photo by William Bout
Hands of old woman knitting
Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov

So thank you, thank you, all of you at Unsplash for adding such joy to my life.


* An important aside: by “free” I mean licensed under Creative Commons Zero.