In Praise of the Envato Elements Ecosystem

I just signed up for Envato Elements and oh my heavens…. It’s a dream-come-true for this front end Web developer. For a very reasonable monthly sum, I get access to a huge library¬†of graphics, fonts, presentation templates, Web templates, and more.

As a first run with my new license, I just added three header graphics for the current theme I’m using on this site. They come up randomly at the top of the page, so hit refresh or go to another page if you want to see all three. My favorite is the material design one — in part because even though it measures 1280 x 250 px, it’s only 8KB.

The only negative negative experience I’ve had has to do with the technical implementation of Envato’s licensing. It’s not the licensing per se. While it’s unusual, I rather like it, since it has the potential to encourage rapid growth — plus it’s fair. The issue is with the “Add a License” form. It keeps sending me back to the downloads page without doing anything — including no error message. The service is new, so my guess is it’s a bug they’ll fix soon.

Regardless of this glitch, I’d strongly encourage other Web developers considering Envato Elements to take the plunge. I figure the more of us that support it, the more artists will add more of their beautiful works to the repository. It’s just such a wonderful new ecosystem — a win/win for all involved.