World Kindness Day

Tomorrow (Friday, November 13, 2015) is World Kindness Day. I first heard of it just a couple of weeks ago, when perusing Smashing Magazine’s latest wallpapers.

If you’ve never seen these awesome wallpapers, go now. They’re spectacular. They come out the first day of every month in a variety of sizes and versions. I’ve been downloading them for years now – and they’ve brightened countless gloomy days.

But back to the topic du jour…. World Kindness Day. I did a quick Web search to find out a bit more about it. I haven’t dug deep because I totally love the idea no matter what the specifics. That said, in case any of you are more interested in the details here are two resources:

Me — I’ve mostly done another SVG illustration to represent it:

World Kindness Day

Creating the Image: Geek Details

The basic image I bought long ago on iStockPhoto – my go-to source for illustrations I’m not talented enough to create. Then I added text and played with the colors using my absolute favorite new Mac app: Affinity Designer. The salient links for this if you are using a Mac and wish to know more:

My Random Thoughts About This Day

Learning of it inspires me to figure out simple ways to be kind. And this quote from Mother Teresa comes to mind:

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

– Mother Teresa

OK. OK. I know love != kindness. But I’m not crazy about the word love. And I always misremember this quote, substituting the word kindness for love — kindness being one of my all-time favorite words in the mammoth English language. I contrast “kindness” with “mammoth” – which seems to me a word that shimmers, but would never be a favorite. Kindness doesn’t shimmer. But it does light me up.

What I love about the quote is that Mother Teresa, a tiny woman with a colossal presence, honors the importance of small.

So, I’m going to intentionally find two small things to do tomorrow. And I’m rehearsing them today.

  1. For a small way to be kind to others, I plan to smile at people as often as I can remember.
  2. For a small way to be kind to myself. . . . This is much harder, but I grok that kindness starts at home. So. . . . I won’t be a perfectionist about this post. I will pray that there aren’t typos or worse. But I will do my best to not beat myself up if I happen across any later. Phrased more positively, I will meet my inevitable boo-boos with kindness. Just for today and tomorrow. Small. Remember it’s SMALL. And that’s big.

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday the 13th. May it be filled with kindness for yourself and others.