Building the Playful Web

Today I start a new part of this amazing Web-building journey I was lucky enough to stumble across in 1994.

What is this new thing? I’ve struggled with how to explain it. Definitions can be so very important.

I first began to feel a nameless itch last fall. By Christmas (over breakfast) I was able to articulate that I wanted to share my delight in building the Web with others — to make them happy too — using WordPress. And — to my complete amazement — I suddenly had my first customer (the redoubtable, awesome Peter Treeman Jenkins). But that’s another story for another day.

Then a few weeks ago, in the midsts of decluttering not just my stuff but my whole entire life (most especially my to-do-list), I chose to focus on what was critically important to me — i.e. the bare-bones “essentials” — and whittled my hubs down to just three things:

  1. deep connections with family and dear friends;
  2. mindfulness;
  3. building the playful Web.

There it was in third place — a new way of saying what it is I want to do with the rest of my professional life. The exact words could change. In fact, they probably will. But hopefully calling it “building the playful Web” is good enough for you, gentle readers, to get a sense of what matters most to me — how I choose to spend my Web time.

To that end, yesterday I finished up a quick facelift of this site, creating a new custom child WordPress theme that builds on the All Y’all parent theme.

So now, here it is…. I’m officially building the playful Web. I hope all y’all will come join me in my sandbox. There’s more than enough room for you! In fact, what would a sandbox be without others? And where would I be without my fellow Web geekazoids? You are my people and, in case it’s not clear, I refer you to my first essential above.