Nashville Rocks SEO

Thursday evening I went to the local SEO meetup for the first time — and my stars was I impressed. Why?

  • Ross Jones gave an excellent presentation on the whys and hows of link building.
  • The people attending represented an astonishing variety of interests and backgrounds — salvage industry, mommy blogger, web 2.0 marketing for lawyers, wedding photography, magazines, etc.
  • But most of all, I was delighted by how thriving and active this group is.

Meanwhile, so I don’t forget, here’s a list of some of Ross’s favorite link building strategy bloggers and resources.

The last one had that serendipitous magic going for it, and whisked me off to the site of some women SEO consultants: Outspoken Media. And this reminds me…. I need to blog about being more-or-less the only woman speaker at WordCamp Nashville. Perhaps perusing this blog will help me formulate my thoughts about this?

But I wander. Thanks again, Ross, for an excellent meetup!