Yesterday was one of those magical days. I knew I would enjoy getting together with fellow WordPress geeks. That’s even though I didn’t like the big attraction — beer — and, as expected, there were very few of us. (Seven, I believe. “Small, but mighty,” to quote Randy.) Nevertheless it vastly exceeded my wildest dreams. A shooting star, it was.

Some of the pieces. I….

  • Was given the courage to try purchasing Adobe CS6 Design & Web Premium. Although it didn’t work out (somehow I ended up getting the Windows version when ordering from and for a Mac, and am now in the throes of getting a refund), I had enough hutzpah left to download the demo version. Oh my stars. Photoshop is a drool fest and Dreamweaver FTP is screaming fast. This in turn started me on a tear of….
  • Actually doing web design and development again (until 12:30 last night). Astonishing. That’s the heart of the inspiration. It was a moment waiting to happen. I’ve been clearing my deck of volunteer work the last couple of months, and suddenly have a little home time where I can do whatever I darn well please. So guess what I please?
  • Am inspired to tackle Git and GitHub. Hubba, hubba. Gonna git me some me some social versioning — and hang out with the real cool webbies.
  • Tuned into the gorgeousness that is the website Media Queries. Hola, España!
  • Then saw the amazing stuff my good pal Sister Bubba is up to. Site-Shack — you rock the responsive!
  • And quite a few other things, but if I keep enumerating them, I will not actually do any real web design or development, and therein lies danger — danger of snuffing out this glorious spark.

So onward. And thank you, thank you, thank you fellow Nashville WordPress Developers!

P.S. If you spot typos, please let me know. In the interests of getting back to code, my copy editing suffers….