Android and iPhone: Meet Vanderbilt

What have I been up to lately? It’s obviously not blogging. Nor is it housecleaning (alas), body-building, knitting, or staring at the ceiling. It’s not even much eating of chocolate. No. It’s prepping for a Vanderbilt class I’ll be auditing come January – EECE 262 – smartphone programming.

In other words, I’m learning how to develop apps for Google Android and Apple iPhone. Then in the spring semester, I’ll be doing it with a large group of incredibly smart and enthusiastic Vanderbilt engineers. Can you see how this might grab my attention?

It’s no secret: the future is all about mobile. And these young engineers, many about to graduate into what I have no doubt will be brilliant careers, know it. They already have teams and team leaders for projects ranging from Android Dining to iPhone Augmented Reality.

Then there’s me. I haven’t taken a class in approximately 200 years, and when I did it was oh-so-genteel – library science. I had to work up the nerve to ask the professors, but once I did, oh my goodness. They and the student leaders have been so very welcoming.

I’m a far cry from the normal demographic. Not only am I female, I’ve got gray hair. But repeatedly they’ve made it clear they’re happy for me to join in their fun. It’s been markedly different from the stereotypical female-in-IT-land experience. And this in the hottest area of technology. All I can say is – wow.

So here is to Professors Jules White and Doug Schmidt, Vanderbilt Computer Society President Hamilton Turner, and all of the Vandy Mobile Teams. You all are amazing. I can’t wait for January.

3 Responses

  1. Anna Belle – I’m very excited for you! I heard about this course from one of my fellow students and think it’s an excellent offering. I got a Droid the day it came out and am in love! You’ll have to share with us how it goes 🙂

  2. Anna Belle, I am so proud of you!! You are going to do just great. And don’t fool people, we all know that you color your hair gray… And there would be no hot technologies if it were not to involve the Happy Web Diva, our superwoman in IT-land. 🙂

  3. Speaking with all the credibility that comes with experience in the Vanderbilt School of Engineering (submitting batch punch-card programs on the time-shared XDS Sigma 7), I’m sure you’ll do fine. Much too modest.
    After all, your mother-in-law and brother-in-law had to break into Vanderbilt as special students, with much less background than you have.