Mr. Web Diva Has Joined the Blogging Revolution

Photo from Navigators ReflectionsThe other day my better half astonished me … once again … in his usual gentle way. Seemingly out of nowhere he began his own blog: The Navigator’s Reflections. Not only does it capture a few of his wise (and of course gentle) thoughts, it has a window into a smattering of his gorgeous photos. For the latter, I’d recommend clicking on the slideshow in his left nav bar; the thumbnails don’t do the photography justice.

Needless to say, while delighted to learn he was blogging, I was put out with his software choice. Blogger. Not only am I a die-hard fan of WordPress (having experimented with a number of platforms, including Blogger), I associate Blogger with spam. But he, ever logical, pointed out that Blogger makes it simple to work with his photo platform of choice, Picasa. Score one for Blogger; score much more than that for the blogosphere.