Obama, Fireside Chats and YouTube

How my dad would have loved Obama. He rebelled against his staunch Republican family when in high school, plastering FDR posters around his high school. Later, his cause became Africans and then African-Americans. We moved to Nashville so he could teach at Fisk. And how he loved technology. I am my father’s daughter.

I never imagined that a presidential campaign would make me remember him so much. And yet it does. Today it comes in the form of wonder.

Obama has launched the 2008 version of FDR’s radio-broadcast fireside chats. Your Weekly Address from the President Elect is a YouTube video launched early this morning.

It takes great management support to build a great website. Obama has a brilliant web team, but I have no doubt that his understanding of the web plays an enormous role in how successfully he uses it.

For me, and I hope for others, it cuts the media wall away. While I doubt I will ever come face to face with Obama, nonetheless between his books and his web presence I have a much better sense of who he is. Josiah Bartlett aside, all other presidents have had a distant cardboard feel — even Johnson and Nixon, whom I did see in person.

I always wondered about my father’s FDR worship and my grandfather’s FDR loathing. Now I see more clearly. And I hear Obama’s call to help each other through this economic crisis. What can I do to help?