Tennessee College Administrators Meet Google Analytics

Have you ever heard of the Tenneessee College Public Relations Association (TCPRA)? Me either. It turns out they’re a delightful group that enjoys each other’s company enough to meet twice a year. For their latest gathering they were in search of someone familiar with Google Analytics and happened upon me.

I expected it would be beautiful in upper east Tennessee (Harrogate, to be precise) this time of year, but I underestimated. It was breathtaking. I can see why that part of the world breeds authors. But more than that, the TCPRA people were delightful. Belmont University had a large contingent of their PR staff, with wonderful inside stories about the historic Belmont08 Debate, while Sam Watson of the Johnson City Press had an upbeat prognosis for their newspaper business. Astonishing. A newspaper that’s not at death’s door? They’ve embraced Web 2.0 and are making a go of it.

To TCPRA members (Doug Williams, in particular), thank you for including me. I promised I’d post my slides, so here they are. I’m not sure they’ll be much use out-of-context, but a promise is a promise — and in the next few days, I’ll also post a list of my favorite Google Analytics resources for you.