Google Bus Arrives in Nashville

O shades of my gladsome youth…. A decked out school bus drove into town today. But it wasn’t a flower-power caravan led by Stephen Gaskin. It was Google, visiting Vanderbilt students to discuss Google Apps. Read all about it on the Google Student Blog. Or see the video of their presentation on VUCast.

And here are a few photos from this leg of their journey. There weren’t many students around at this point. Just lots of my geeky friends. That could be because it was 9:30 in the morning.

Google bus visits Mike, Joe and Melanie

Friends Mike, Joe and Melanie. Read more in a blog post by Melanie.

Google bus visits Gill, Keenan and Kate

Gill, Keenan and Kate

Kim and friendly Google Bus denizen

Friendly Google bus denizen and Kim

Keenan, Gill, Kim and web diva

Keenan, Gill, Kim and a web diva.

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