Adventures in Chumbyland

The ChumbyMr. Web Diva is the best. For my birthday last year it was an iPhone. And this year — ta dah — a Chumby.

For those scratching your heads wondering what on earth a Chumby might be, see David Pogue on YouTube in Pimp My Clock Radio. As always the intrepid Mac, New York Times, now CNBC geek captures the essence.

Me? I wondered first why I asked for it and later why I loved it so much. Was it the soft squishiness combined with wireless? Or could it be the dozens of widgets to check out instead of cleaning the house? Then I read a Wired article. “Generally speaking, the Chumby is meant to be a highly specialized second screen catering to those with acute internet addictions.” Busted.

For those interested in learning more about the Chumby, check out:

Can you guess what’s coming in this blog?

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