The Non-Stressed Blogger

KnittingGeez louise. I keep forgetting to blog. I read a number of stories over the weekend about bloggers who get so stressed they have heart attacks or worse, but that’s obviously not a problem for some of us. I expect it’s mostly confined to those who are A-list or A-list-wannabes.

What’s the secret to my success … in maintaining blogging health and sanity, I mean? Of all things (at least for now) it’s knitting.

I haven’t knit for almost 30 years. I became moderately proficient at it in my early 20s, but then life (babies, etc.) intervened — plus I don’t like clutter, and crafts are incredibly clutter-inducing.

So what happened? Why the return? I’m not quite sure. A friend mentioned her favorite yarn shop, I happened to be near it the next day, waltzed in, got some yarn, next got a chatty e-newsletter from them, and even signed up for a class.

Now most evenings I can’t wait for a little knitting and Star Trek with Mr. Web Diva. Bliss.

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  1. Agreed! I read another knitter likening it to programming. In PHP the current pattern I’m doing would look something like:

    for ($row = 1; $row <= 15; $row++) { k3; p25; k3; }