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  1. Yeah, but Google thinks Saratoga Drive is a dead end (speaking of near and dear). Version 1.0 behavior? You do have Nashville with Streetview ahead of most of Menlo Park CA, closer to the epicenter of cyberspace; I find the question of rolling out Streetview to be fertile territory for speculation and conspiracy theories.

  2. It’s spooky how similar Mr. Web Diva is to you. I told him about your comment and he immediately went to Saratoga Drive and proved your point. Then he started opining about Google’s decision making and choices. Me? I’m trying to figure out how they stitch the photos together. But then, I’m back on a knitting tear.

  3. Well, it looks like a cool feature to me — I am going to go look for other places I know…

  4. Eleanor! How cool that you are reading this — and I hope you find some fun places on Streets.