Free and Easy Photo Editing

I’m hopelessly hooked on Photoshop, but people often ask me what they should use for photo editing and I’m loath to recommend anything so expensive. I tried The Gimp, and while it’s as close as you get to free Photoshop, it’s a pain to install and not particularly easy to learn.

Enter Picnik. It’s not only free, it works in a browser, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on Windows, Mac or Linux. It’s also much more user-friendly than either Photoshop or The Gimp. The one down side is it’s slow. But if you only edit photos every so often, it’s the perfect answer.

Me? I’m sticking with Photoshop. But I’m delighted to have another free tool to commend to others.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the info! I like to have a collection of tools that I can share with educators who are always crunched for money to spend on resources.

    Another tool you may wan to look at if you have not already is This is a really nice photo editor that works on Windows (the only downfall that I see) but if that is your environment it is a powerful little tool.

  2. Thanks, Stephen. A great tip. I don’t typically use Windows nowadays, but I’m in a minority, albeit a growing one.