It’s Never Too Late To Love the Web

Hang dog and the webSo many people my age and older (over 50, that is) are intimidated by the web. With a hang-dog look, they’ll say such things as, “I don’t understand computers.” This seems to be particularly true of women.

I wish I could take them and breathe web confidence into the core of their beings. Almost all of these people adore books. And just as you don’t have to master book authoring and publishing to be a literary aficionado, neither do you have to be a brash young programmer or a web diva to enjoy the web.

Chances are if you are reading this, it’s not a big issue for you. But chances are even better that you know plenty of the people I’m talking about.

What’s the answer? I think it’s simple — play — wherever they want, as long as it’s the web. You’re never to old to play and it’s never too late to love the web.