Elegant Search Shortcut

Right click in the search boxDo you have certain sites you search routinely? For me, it’s php.net, mysql.com, and Vanderbilt (as well as the usual suspects like Wikipedia and Google Images). If you’re using Firefox or Opera, here’s an easy way to speed that up.

When you’re on a website you search frequently, right click in the search box, give it a name (e.g. “php.net”) and, more importantly, enter a keyword (e.g. “php”). This adds it to your bookmarks, but with a twist.

The next time you want to search the site, all you have to do is type your keyword followed by your search terms in the browser address box at the top. You bypass Google and the site’s home page. So, if I wanted to search for the PHP strtok function, I’d just type “php strtok” and go right to the page.

[Hat tip to Patrick Norton and Tekzilla Daily.]