Five Reasons To Switch To Gmail

GmailI’ve been using Comcast for my primary email account for about eight years, but a month ago I finally decided to switch to Gmail. The last straw was when poetry written by dear friend was blocked. Of course that wasn’t the only reason. They’d been mounting

My reasons were:

  1. Better spam filtering. Gmail puts what it guesses is junk in a folder you can easily review.
  2. IMAP is an option. This is particularly helpful if you have an iPhone or similar device. A POP account that you look at on both your computer and your iPhone is a big pain, since you have to touch everything twice.
  3. No need to backup. I suppose if you have super-important email you might want to back up even Gmail. It is fallible, but it’s nothing compared to the fallibility of email archives on an aging hard drive.
  4. Great search engine. Combining Google search know-how and email is to die for.
  5. Multiple email accounts. I still get my Comcast email. It’s just coming into Gmail. You can set Gmail up to fetch up to five POP email accounts. In fact you can set it so it replies from the same email address.

All in all, this is the easiest email migration I’ve ever done. And I’m getting my friend’s poetry again.

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