PodCamp Nashville: Two Thumbs Up

Today was PodCamp. As I pulled into Cannery Row at 9:00 AM, out of my element but intrigued, I had no idea what to expect. Talks that went over my head? Things only young men are interested in? Boredom? The one thing I wasn’t expecting was for it to be as totally worthwhile as it was. I even liked the talk about beer podcasting — and I loathe beer.

The whole day was jam-packed with inspiring speakers — covering a surprisingly wide range of topics. It wasn’t just technical how-to, though that was covered, and covered well. There were also great talks on Search Engine Optimization, marketing, presentations and even Twitter.

My only criticism is that there were no women presenting. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t many women podcasters yet in this part of the world. Hopefully there will be more — very soon. And if PodCamp is coming to your part of the world, I’ve got one word for you: go.

Thank you so much to all the great presenters, organizers and supporters, including Emma and Griffin. You wore this web diva out, but boy did you make me happy.