Homage to Poll Volunteers

Sixteen years ago today (on a not-so-Super Tuesday, 1992) the weather here in Nashville was abysmal. It was a cold downpour. As I exited the polling station, to my amazement there was a neighbor standing under a big umbrella, campaigning for Clinton (Bill, that is). I chatted with him for a minute — bowled over by his commitment. He was a good neighbor, whose opinion I respected. I hadn’t voted for Clinton that primary, but this made a big impression on me. The next time I voted it was for Clinton — and I was thinking of my neighbor.

Today as I exited the polling station, there was one lone person standing outside. This time it was a good friend from church, campaigning for Clinton (Hillary, that is). She wondered out loud why no one else was there. Was it because the polls are showing Tennessee will go for Clinton? I don’t know, but I do know her commitment, like my neighbor’s 16 years ago, made an impression on me. I expect if Clinton wins the primary, I’ll vote for her — and be thinking of my friend.

4 Responses

  1. Hi, Shelby. You’re so kind to ask. Everyone I know is fine. My thoughts and prayers are with victims in surrounding areas, though.