Tomorrow I’ll Vote For Obama

Hope / ObamaUsually I don’t like to discuss whom I’m voting for — much less blog about it — but there’s something different about tomorrow. It could be the sense of hope and possibility. Or perhaps I’ve changed. But what strikes me most is the sense that it’s a vote for Obama. I won’t be voting in a spirit that’s against Clinton — or anyone else, for that matter. It’s about Obama. And that makes me want to speak up.

Why? On the whole it’s for the same reasons you hear from others. I particularly echoed to Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement. However, I have a couple of reasons I don’t see talked about quite as much, so I’ll mention them.

First, he has the greatest understanding of technology. Since I’m grounded in technology, it helps me to measure the man.

Second, I believe his upbringing gives him a more global perspective. There are actually some things about his childhood that remind me of mine. My brother and I spent good chunks of our early years abroad. It gave both of us a better sense of where the U.S. fits in the world — how we look in others’ eyes. Reading Dreams From My Father, it’s clear to me that Obama was affected in similar ways, and it’s bound to have a salutary effect on foreign policy if he becomes our next president.

My hope is strong.