iWPhone: The Easy Way to Optimize WordPress for iPhones

HWD on an iWPhone-optimized iPhoneWhile preparing for a meeting on designing for the mobile web, the old memory banks suddenly kicked in, and I remembered there was some tool that made it a breeze to optimize WordPress for iPhones. Since I’m on an iPhone tear, I took the time to research it.

Sure enough. There are quite a number of promising plug-ins, in particular ContentRobot’s iWPhone. It’s a nifty skin for WordPress that doesn’t alter your blog on computer screens — only on iPhones. Even better, it only took me three minutes start-to-finish to get it working.

Of course, being me, I couldn’t leave it at that. I had to personalize it for this very blog. The default is blue, and I’m getting a tad sick of blue and gray sites for the iPhone. (Drab blue and drab gray. Sounds like the Civil War to me.) I changed the colors to red and yellow and added one 4KB GIF, which doesn’t slow things down appreciably. Beyond that, I went into header.php, and added links for the archives and about page.

In truth, I’ve been hovering on the edge (so to speak) of true iPhone design, but this was my first real foray into it — and it was a blast.