How to Remove Microsoft Formatting From WordPress Posts

This is a tip for my long-suffering friends who are so good about updating the various blogs I’ve set up. I just knew there had to be a better way. Better late than never, right?

Oh my heavens. It turns out it’s really easy to strip Microsoft Word and other blog-breaking formats out of WordPress. It only takes three clicks. Here’s how.

How to open the paste to plain text icon

Step 1. In the Word-like tool bar for the “Post” field, at the right end there is a mysterious square icon with dots. (See the picture above.) Click it. A second row of icons magically appears.

Step 2. In the middle of this second row is an icon of a yellow folder (I think) with a T on top. Click it and a “Paste as Plain Text” dialog box pops up.

Step 3. You guessed it. Paste your text in this dialog box and click the insert button in the lower left.

That’s all there is to it. No more weird looking blog posts. No more broken home page. (Or at least it will reduce such things.)