How (and Why) to Learn Firebug

Last summer I kept hearing how awesome, marvelous, superb, etc., etc., Firebug was. I could tell this Firefox extension classified as a must-have for all web developers. So I installed it, twiddled with it a little, and assumed that with a bit of use I’d catch on to why it was so great. But then I forgot about it.

Recently I started bumping into more Firebug kudos, including some video tutorials. I looked at the tutorials, but they were too fast. Nonetheless they caught my interest and motivated me to try again.

In my search for a decent tutorial, I returned to the Firebug home page. It turned out that’s all I needed in the first place. So my advice to web developers who haven’t tried Firebug is to install it and give yourself about 10 minutes to review its home page. Specifically, click on the “learn more” links and work your way through as many tips as your brain can handle.

You’ll be amazed. You can alter the look of any page. Do you want to turn Google’s home page black? You can do it with Firebug, albeit fleetingly and only in your own browser window.

More to the point, you can quickly test adjustments to pages you’re working on. Just try turning off lines of CSS on the fly, and I bet you’ll be hooked too.

2 Responses

  1. Me too. I’m using it more and more — though I do wish they had a logo that didn’t look so much like a cockroach.