Singing the iPhone Bedtime Blues

Night after night I make the same mistake. You’d think I’d learn, and hopefully putting this in writing will get me over the hump.

The mistake? I crawl into bed thinking I’ll just turn out the light and listen to a podcast. So far, so good. Snuggle under the covers on a cold winter night, turn on my iPhone and listen. It’s a beautiful thing. And there are so many podcasts I love: Lullabot’s Drupal podcast, the MacCast, and, naturally, the Apple iPhone Show, to name just a few. (Somehow the latter never gives advice about whether or not to sleep with your iPhone.)

The problem is that invariably I drift off. I come to an hour or so later, conscious enough to remember the iPhone is in bed, but that if I put it on the bedside table, it’s at risk of turning into a cat toy. So then I’m stuck half-asleep, half-awake in a tangle of wires. Come to think of it, I’m lucky I haven’t choked myself.

As if that’s not enough, today I read of a report linking mobiles to disturbed sleep. Apparently it has to do with to exposure to 884 MHz wireless signals. I suppose I could put it in airplane mode, but somehow I think this may be not just a wireless signal, but a signal to me. Read a book instead.

2 Responses

  1. Uh-oh! I remember when you mentioned on Faith and Web that you were so tempted to buy an iPhone (this must have been months ago), and now here we are, LOL.

    It’s good to see you back in a new form, and I look forward to reading your advice and musings. All the best wishes.