Tree Climbing Meets the Web

Mr. Web Diva climbs a treeMr. Web Diva never ceases to amaze me. This year what he wanted most for Christmas was tree-climbing gear. You can see the results in the photo at the right.

Of course there’s a story behind this. The Cliff Notes version is my dearest college friend is married to Peter “Treeman” Jenkins. They gave him a taste last fall and he was hooked — literally.

He’s far from alone. Tree climbing is turning into major form of outdoors recreation, with organizations, gear, catalogs and (you guessed it) websites springing up all over the world. The root (so to speak) organization, though, is the Jenkins’ Tree Climbers International.

Last year they did a complete overhaul of their website, and the result is outstanding. It’s not just pretty and interesting. It’s packed with great information, has lots of Web 2.0 technologies like forums and a “gear rater,” and — best of all — it’s easy for a non-techie to run it. The Jenkins decided to use Joomla! (a major open-source content management system), and they hired 3by400 to do the job.

They are thrilled with the results — and with good cause. This, I’d say, is the web at its best.

2 Responses

  1. Mr. Web Diva looks mighty relaxed and comfortable in that tree. Tree climbing does that for you. Nice photo too- expertly framed! Now to the tree- is it a beech or hackberry tree? I lean towards beech but the lower bark on the trunk has me vote for hackberry. Both fine trees mind you- strong with great branch system allowing easy rope placement.

    When will we see a photo of you up in the tree? How about this photo op- You in the tree, composing your next masterful post with some new fangled device or just a simple laptop (with back up safty cord in case a gust of wind comes up and takes you by surprise). We’re of course not talking about the “F” word (fall). It’s the “D” word silly (drop). No one likes a dropped conversation.

    Good post.

  2. Wow! Thanks for commenting, Treeman. I’m honored.

    I’m told the tree is a hackberry. And the photo was taken by our older daughter. These artists. They have great eyes.

    As for me up in the tree… hmmm… hopefully soon. The idea of heading up with e-gadgets (iPhone?) is most appealing.