Is 2008 All About Mobiles?

U.S. SmartPhone MarketshareThree things converged on me yesterday. First, my favorite web professional organization decided to focus next on mobile web design. Second, Steve Jobs in his Macworld keynote said that in its very first quarter (July – Sept 2007), the iPhone zoomed into second place for the market share of U.S. smart phones. Third, a colleague gave me the latest issue of Marketing News (1/15/08) and lo and behold one of the feature articles is, “2008 will be the year of mobile marketing.”

It’s more than just mobile marketing. It’s mobile web. According to what I read, the app that’s most popular on the iPhone is its web browser (Safari). Certainly it’s my favorite. In fact, it’s why I bought one in the first place. The iPhone has broken down that dreadful cell phone garden wall and my bet is Google’s Android is going to break it down even more. They are claiming the World Wide Web in the U.S. for a device other than a PC — and that’s the way the Web was always meant to be — device-independent. (Other countries are way ahead of the U.S. in this arena.)

Add to this that I’ve been drooling over first the iPhone and now Android since they were twinkles in Apple’s and Google’s eyes, and guess where I’m headed. I’ll be getting ready for my next web professionals meeting — starting to code my sites for the mobile web.