Do All Web Divas Pick Pockets?

Katy No-PocketI confess. Whenever I must buy clothes (a less than favorite pastime), my goal is to pick items with lots of pockets. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shirt, jacket, vest, skirt or pants. It has to have pockets. The more the better.

The fashionista will tell you pockets “ruin the line.” I can only assume the fashionista don’t really use their iPhones, etc., etc. They just wave them around as pretty trinkets to be stuffed into one of those massive, backbreaking purses. Ugh.

The lowly pocket not only holds lots of gear and keys, it makes such items easy to access and less likely to get lost. To my eye, a good pocket is a thing of beauty. Give me a chunky, iPhone-packed pocket over a sleek line any day.