Delving Into Drupal

What a feeling of accomplishment to adapt Drupal to look like another site. That’s the first major Drupal project I’ve done, aside from simply getting Drupal to work in the first place. My enthusiasm for Drupal is, if anything, even greater than it was before.

Not only that, there are more and more web developers and designers where I work (Vanderbilt) gravitating to Drupal. It looks as if a group of us will be gathering soon and developing our own site. And Gill Murrey has started her own Drupal site listing great resources and blogging news.

It seems to me these are the two keys to success.

  1. Just dive in and do it.
  2. Find others to network and brainstorm with.

One Response

  1. Just noticed these postings about drupal and vanderbilt. Wondered if there are any people in the Nashville area that might be interested in doing some additional programming in php/mysql for a drupal application that I need some help with.