Why This Blog?

It sprang full-bodied from my head — kind of like Athena and Zeus, I suppose. Well, not exactly. Chances are Zeus had a dreadful headache afterwards, and I don’t — not to mention having to attend to all the pesky details such as┬ádeveloping a blog look-and-feel. I gather Athena came fully garbed, and Zeus didn’t have to attend to such minor matters.

The truth is I have loved writing Faith and Web, but no longer have time to produce substantive articles. Moreover, I keep bumping into things I’m dying to blog about, and there seems to be a bit of a theme to these items. Whether they are about gadgets, fashion, community or whatever, they all make this web diva happy. Hence the name of the blog. Mostly they are things-web (e.g. right now I’m on a huge, wonderful Drupal tear), but I’d like to leave wiggle room for other things.

I hope you enjoy these snatches. I intend to.