Red bud

Tennessee Wildflower Photos

It was a perfect spring day in middle Tennessee — and Mr. Web Diva and I had a nature date. First thing at Montgomery Bell State Park we ran into State Naturalist Randy Hedgepath. And here are a few of our photos which you are welcome to use.

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Zen laptop

Digital Decluttering for Geeks

I love decluttering… and am fortunate (I suppose) to have a plethora of opportunities after living in the same house for 30+ years. Until recently, however, I’d never thought of cleaning out my copious amounts of digital debris as decluttering.

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Fun in the sandbox

Building the Playful Web

Today I start a new part of this amazing Web-building journey I was lucky enough to stumble across in 1994. What is this new thing?  I’ve struggled with how to explain it. Definitions can be so very important.

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Building an Accessible WordPress Theme

I’ve recently set up a new site where I can focus on Web accessibility — particularly the accessible themes I’m creating for WordPress. It’s The Web For All Y’all at Please stop by and check it out.

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